3 reasons why I love being a dental assistant at Huntington Bay Dental!

1) MEETING NEW PEOPLE–  A dental assistant has the opportunity to meet and work with lots of different people in the form of patients.  It is so much fun meeting each and every person who walks through the door.

2) ALWAYS LEARNING – I learn something new every day with each patient I meet! Just
this alone helps me to grow as a dental assistant and a person.  With every patient there is something new and exciting to learn.  No two days are the same and it consistently will keep you on your toes ready to learn more.

3) HELPING OUR PATIENTS–  As a dental assistant, there is nothing better than seeing a patient leave the office with a new smile. When a patient smiles confidently and is proud to show off their teeth, it makes my day knowing that I helped to get them there. A dental office is not everyone’s favorite place and my job of making them feel comfortable can help to make their experience better- hopefully helping to eliminate any fear associated with being in the office.

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