We Want to Make You HAPPY About Your Smile

We Want to Make You HAPPY About Your Smile


At Huntington Bay Dental, we want you to be happy about your smile. There is research that shows that smiling more can have numerous positive impacts on your life.

  • Smiling makes you look younger, more attractive and is associated with being trustworthy.
  • Smiling also has the power to boost your mood and improve your overall happiness as well as improving the mood of others around you.
  • Smiling helps you relax, which can then help your immune system to react better and faster against bugs that can cause you to get sick.  It is a fact that people who smile are less likely to develop heart disease.
  • Smiles lower blood pressure and increase endorphins. Your smile affects your heart and the heart of those around you!

A smile always makes people look more attractive hence maybe the reason we smile in photographs! Smiles make you look younger, but we do believe that having nice teeth within that smile will keep you looking even younger.  Research shows that people are perceived as more successful, intelligent, and friendly.  If you are smiling, you are 3 times mores likely to be remembered and trusted than an individual who doesn’t smile.

We are talking about a good kind of contagious.  When you smile, you’re sharing the health benefit of a smile with those around you.  It’s hard to smile and not make someone else want to smile!

Smiling is not just important- you now know smiling is good for your health.  If you would like us to take care of your smile, please call our office at 631.425.0300.  Oh, and keep smiling!

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