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Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling


Pinterest and google searches have made more and more patients aware of oil pulling.  Many of our patients have come into our office in recent months and asked about it.  There is a buzz going around our area about OIL PULLING.  So what your dentist think?

Oil pulling dates back to ancient Ayurvedic medicine and was a gargling treatment to cure imbalances. There are variations in technique but many of the searches recommended that you take 1 tbsp. of oil such as coconut, sunflower, olive, etc and there are suggestions that swishing and holding the oil for a period of 30 seconds to 30 minutes could have some benefits to pulling out the impurities of your gums or body.  We hear that you want to make sure you spit the oil in the garbage can and not down the sink since the oil hardens and can cause plumbing issues.

Since Huntington Bay Dental is all about evidence based dentistry and medicine, we do not know of any articles or publications that states there are benefits to oil pulling.  There is little research at this time.  The ADA recommends that patients follow the standard oral hygiene regimen that included tooth brushing with a fluoride toothpaste and cleaning between teeth once per day with floss.

There  seems to be patients though who have a feeling that people do feel better after doing this treatment and so we say go ahead and do it if you please.  We want your gums to feel good and to be as healthy as possible.  We will let you know at your routine check up if we see any improvements!