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Dental X-rays

Dental X-rays are pictures of the teeth, bone and soft tissues around them.  X-rays are taken to help find problems with the teeth that cannot be seen during a visual examination.

Dental X-rays are done to:

  • Find decay  between the teeth
  • Find dental problems below the gum line or in the jaw such as impacted teeth, abcesses,cysts, tumors, and bone changes
  • Diagnose periodontal disease by showing bone loss
  • Show dental infection
  • Find extra teeth, teeth that have not yet broken through the gums, check for location of permanent teeth growing in the jaw in children who still have primary (baby) teeth
  • Plan treatment for large or extensive cavities, root canal surgery, placement of dental implants, and tooth removals.
  • Plan for orthodontic treatment

Without X-rays , dentists may miss these problems.

In our office we use newer  digital dental X-ray imaging.  Instead of developing X-ray film in a dark room, the X-rays are sent directly to a computer and then viewed on a screen, stored or printed out.  This technique uses less radiation and there is no wait time for the X-rays to develop.  These images can be enhanced and enlarged  on the computer screen making it easier for the dentist detect problems.  If necessary the images can be electronically sent to another dentist or specialist.